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posted by glee on January 29, 2010

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Consulation Fees: I consult through e-mail or phone. You can contact me at writetomanda@yahoo.com. If you would like a phone consultation, then please e-mail me and I will send a number to contact me. I can also consult through skype. I can give you general guidance or consult on specific issues like relationships, career, etc. My fees are as following:

    $40 for 30 minute phone or skype consultation
    $90 for 1 hr phone or skype consultation
    $60 for report on specific questions
    $130 for full length report

Full length report will include natal chart description of the different dynamics involved in your chart and 1 year of important predictions.

I accept payments through Paypal.

About Manda Selva :  My involvement with astrology goes way back – more than 30 years ago. I first got introduced to astrology through my granddad. I remember many bookshelves filled with astrological magazines in his room and he had the patience to teach anyone who was interested in the subject. For the past 20 years ago I have pursued it passionately and completed NCGR (National Center for Geocosmic Research) Level IV certification to become a certified astrologer.  I worked as a environmental scientist for many years and about few years ago obtained a masters in social work. I believe Astrology is a science and can lend itself to scienfific investigation and should be pursued diligently. I currently live in San Francisco Bay Area.  You can write to me at WritetoManda@yahoo.com for consultation or to provide me a feedback on the website.